Acne Skin Care Routine


I want to tell you about my skin care routine for acne skin.

My logic is that if my skin is oily, I still want to use something that’s moisturizing, just so my skin is telling my brain that “Oh, stop producing as much oil in these areas because it’s moisturized enough.”  And over time I do think that that will change the way your skin behaves internally than just exteriorly providing it moisture. If you use a harmful face wash, it’s going to strip all the oils, and your skin’s going be feeling tight. And then it’s been a signal to your brain to produce more oil. And over time you’re just going to be oilier and oilier naturally instead of improving your skin texture.

At night I like to use something that is moisturizing. Even though I have oily skin, I like to make sure that my skin is moisturized. I’ve been using Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s for years now, and it doesn’t break me out. It makes my skin so soft in the morning; I just love how my skin feels the next day. And I

recommend it for any of you with any skin type. I have combination skin, and it doesn’t clog my pores. It enhances my skin appearance, and I enjoy it.

I know I’m only 19, but it’s never too early to prevent aging. Usually, I like to follow up with Kiehl’s eye cream with avocado. My eyes were super dry, and I was even prescribed  ERHA cream for my eyelid. So I’m just using that around my eyes to moisturize my eyelids just to make sure that I don’t dry back to what it was.


Okay, so moving on in the morning routine. It’s pretty similar, but I’ve incorporated the mask that I normally do for my skincare. Again, I start off by washing my face with soap. And once I’m all clean, I like to make my mixture of a mask that absorbs toxins. I have tried a lot of mud masks and nothing that I’ve tried works as well as this. This is the Aztec clay. It’s Indian healing clay, so chemically it supposed to attract impurities and toxins from your skin. That’s why you need to make the paste out of plastic spoons and non-metal utensils because the chemical bonds it’s just going to attract to the metal, and that’s just not going to work out. I like to mix it with water. I used to mix it with apple cider vinegar, and I found that that was too harsh for my skin and therefore my eyes are drying up. You feel it like pulsing and like once you wash your face later, you feel a difference. It’s so much softer, and it’s so much cleaner as well. I feel like if I do this every other day, I see an improvement. I recommend this to all of you; it’s so affordable as well.

Because the first mask took all of the toxins out, my pores are open; I’m going to put back on a moisturizing mask. I am such skincare maniac because since I was younger, my mom always emphasized the importance of skin care. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask is my favorite face mask so far. It has antioxidants, which are good for acne scars, which I have a lot. It’s super cooling as well. And I just apply a thin layer across. I like to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, I wash it off.


I wouldn’t use these products if I didn’t see an improvement in my skin. But on an average basis, I don’t use these masks every day. I try to make a schedule out of it, just so my skin can improve as time goes.

I use a gel moisturizer because it looks less oily. So you want to adjust your moisturizer to suit your type of skin. Even if you are oily, you still need a moisturizer. And then again I’m putting eye cream because I want to prevent my eyes from getting old. I have enough wrinkles

So that’s about it. That is my everyday skincare routine and my weekly routine.