Penis Extenders Questions And Answers


There are so many various devices for natural penis enlargement.  Some of them include the very popular penis extender device. Just like any other penis enlargement device, penis extender has the capability of enlarging the size of your penis if you use it right. Despite so, there are still so many people who are not familiar with the product. If you are looking to purchase a penis extender for the first time, you might have several questions and answers that you have in your mind. That is why we are here to give you the most common questions and answers regarding penis extender.

What does it do?


Penis extenders are sometimes got confused a lot with other penis enlargement products such as penis pump. Despite so, they do have such a different result for your penis. Penis pump is used mainly to increase the size of the girth despite having the possibility to increase length too. Penis extender is used primarily as a device to enhance the length of the penis. Sometimes it can also have a minor result for your girth. It might not be that significant as it is mainly targeting the length.

The average results

When it comes to results, each person will experience different kinds of results in their genitals. Most products of penis extender device will promise size growth of around three inches. Despite so, it is not always the case with everyone who uses it. Some men might experience growth for about three inches which are the maximum growth. However, there are also men that can only experience about one inch of increase in their penis size. There are also people who get penis growth in between the previous two. The penis growth will be varied according to your skill of using and elasticity of your penis.

How Long should it be used?


Penis extender device should be used regularly before you can see any significant results. Different brands of penis extender will also tend to suggest the different duration of use. But usually, most of these products will recommend the users to use regularly the products around six months. Of course, there are other programs that can be utilized in a shorter period of four months although we are not sure about the result. You might see your first result after using the penis extender for about twenty-six weeks.

How Much it Cost?

This is actually the most common question that people ask before they buy the penis extender. The answers are varied depending on different kinds of brands. The cheapest product of penis extender will usually be around ninety-nine dollars. Despite so, there are the high-end products with growth guarantee that are typically a lot more expensive. They can cost you around four hundred dollars per product. Despite so, they are generally packed along with additional items such as penis exercise guide and also penis enlargement pills. That is why you can get the result of the penis extender in such a maximum way.