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Miss Vera’s Sex Academy

The lovely Veronica Vera always has intelligent guests, and they sometimes get naughty!

Funny Fitness

The Queen of Lean explores numerous health and exercise questions so that you the listener can get into better shape and have a better sex life!

Weekend Loop

Enjoy the best of last weeks programming as we bring you the weekend loop of our favorites.

Sexual Disfunction in Men

Listeners can call in and have Dr. Duckett personally answer all of their questions about sexual disfuntion. Women are encouraged to call in with problems their lovers have, but are too shy to talk about on the radio.

Thu, Jun 14, 7:00 pm

Interview with Terran Alan, Producer of Fetish Magazine

The wild road is a bumpy one, tune in for innaugeral and only “Thomas & Terrance show” as they laugh their way through the hour talking about Fetish Magazine, love, and life in general.

Tue ,Sep 25, 2:00pm

Aural Fixation

Tune in to the Tuesday special:
The Porn Chronicles
Tune in while Jamye gives us the latest gossip and news from the adult entertainment industry. You never know who might drop by the studio and help Jayme each week stay tuned!

Roger T. Pipe returns, www.rogreviews.com with a look at Porn through the Ages

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